Aniracetam motivational power


Aniracetam is a Nootropic from the Racetam family, being a lot more powerful than Piracetam, it is effective at a lower dose.

Aniracetam improves both the recall of thoughts from long-term memory and the capability of short-term memory.
Aniracetam boosts motivation and mood, it also helps to fight anxiety, depression and learned helplessness.


Unlike Piracetam, Aniracetam is fat-soluble and this makes easier for it to cross the blood-brain barrier ( like most of lipid soluble substances ). It is preferable to take Aniracetam with a meal containing healthy fats, as it’s fat-soluble, this facilitates his absorption. A glass of whole milk has enough fat to do the trick.

Aniracetam for anti-anxiety and Brain Power

Aniracetam is not only a nootropic but also an anxiolytic, it makes you stress resistant, able to performing better under pressure.
Sometimes too much anxiety can be a deficit for your performance, for example when doing exams, if I have to suggest a single nootropic to counteract this problem, it is certainly Aniracetam. Lowering anxiety levels helps you to think brightly at least as much as its proper cognitive enhancing mechanism.

Aniracetam increases acetilcholine usage and modulates the receptors of the neurotransmitter glutamate, improving the speed of signals between neurons.
Effects of Aniracetam are short, lasting no more than 5 hours, so it could be useful to split the total dosage in two, one capsule at breakfast and one at lunch.
I find it particularly beneficial in the morning, it helps your first few hours awake to feel motivated to get to work, with a general feeling of calm and willpower.

The calming part of the effect comes sooner than the stimulation during the day, and it’s noticeable from the first time, on the other hand it can take some days to build up the cognitive advantage, I personally felt it from the beginning but it’s easier to recognize the difference from the normal state of mind after some days of assumption.

Combining a Choline source with Aniracetam

A stack based on Aniracetam should countain a B-Complex and a Choline source (Centrophenoxine would be my personal choice).
It is believed that a choline source is needed everytime a Racetam is taken to replenish the Acetilcholine depleted by the Aniracetam (or any other nootropic of the same family).
Is it really necessary? Choline supplementation is one of the pillars of the nootropic community, and I believe it to be a winning strategy, but I still want to consider if the possibility of taking a Racetam without a Choline source is accetable (assuming that a good quantity of Choline is still present as a diet intake).
We know that when your brain runs out of Acetilcholine, headache is the first signal, so you can start with Aniracetam alone and add a Choline source only if needed, depending on whether you get a headache or not. I tried Aniracetam alone and I didn’t experienced headaches, maybe because I already have an high intake of Choline from my diet that includes about 4 eggs a day. For some individuals Choline supplementation might not be needed at all, as the brain upregulates it and adapts to work on Aniracetam with just the quantity it already has available. What I want to point out is that a Choline source is a nootropic by itself, Aniracetam+Centrophenoxine combination is a really productive stack, but you don’t necessarily have to take them together. When I take them both in the same day, I prefer to separate them in two different hours, starting with Aniracetam at breakfast and then, after its effect wear out, going on with Centrophenoxine at lunch.

Aniracetam dosage

Aniracetam usually comes in 600 mg or 750 mg capsules. Because of its short metabolic half-life, if you want it to be active all day long you have to take one in the morning and redose in the afternoon. I notice that 1200 mg each time is a better dose for me to feel it working right, but it depends on your weight and your personal tolerance to the substance, so start at a lower dose and switch to 1200 or 1500 mg if you feel it’s not enough.

Centrophenoxine with Aniracetam

This is an astute combination, the two substances taken together provide this effects:

A reasonable initial dosage for this stack is 600 mg of Ani and 250 mg of Centro.
This will increase both production and usage of Acetilcholine! It keeps a brain sharp and fights neurodegeneration as much as we can.

This is a cheap and high quality source of Aniracetam.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER:  We make no warranty regarding the accuracy of any information provided.  This article is provided for informational purpose only. This is not medical advice.  Always ask  your doctor for any medical treatment.

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