Armodafinil: the new king of cognitive enhancers


Regular Modafinil is a racemic mixture, like most of the drugs on the market.
A racemic mixture is composed by two different substances that are mirror images of each other.
They are completely identical except for their orientation.
Those two molecules are called enantiomers.
Sometimes one enantiomer works better than the other.
That’s the case with Armodafinil.

Getting rid of side effects

Scientists examining the left and right oriented compounds came to the conclusion that the right-oriented one (R-Modafinil) is providing most of the benefits while the left-oriented one (L-Modafinil) brings most of the side effects.

Armodafinil is pure R-Modafinil, it’s stronger and less risky than regular Modafinil and it’s sold worldwide as Nuvigil.

Modafinil Armodafinil

This picture shows the two different enantiomers of Modafinil. The right-oriented one is the component of Armodafinil.

The mechanism of action is the same of Modafinil, but more fine tuned.

Armodafinil raises the excitatory neurotransmitter Histamine in the Hypothalamus, boost dopamine activity and activate orexin neurons ( Neurons that are responsible for wakefulness ).

A powerful successor: Armodafinil

Although Modafinil exists from the 70s, Armodafinil is a recent development, approved only since 2007.
That’s why it’s not so famous yet.
Armodafinil has the potential to overthrow Modafinil as the new king of cognitive enhancers.
It comes in 150 mg pills, unlike Modafinil.
One 200 mg pill of Modafinil contains on average 100 mg of Armodafinil and another 100 mg of the left-oriented enantiomer.
So, even if Armodafinil dosage is lower, it actually has more of the best form of the active principle.
Armodafinil has a steadier effect than Modafinil, it reaches its peak concentration later and lasts longer.

Armodafinil is fortunately weaker on the side effects spectrum: it impairs sleep less than racemic Modafinil, it’s less likely to cause headache and is overall considered to give you even more focus and energy than regular Modafinil.

We used to consider Modafinil the strongest of cognitive enhancers because of two reasons:
– It’s not as subtle as a lot of prescription-free nootropics, you really feel the effect without a doubt when you’re on it.
– It’s not as crazily harmful as Adderall and similar ADD amphetamine based drugs.

Armodafinil is a step further in that same direction of his predecessor.

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