How to build the perfect nootropic stack

nootropic stack

In a previous article I’ve been talking about a wide variety of cognitive enhancers you can find on the market.

This time we’re going to think about how to best stack them in a single smart, powerful combination.
We want a complete stack that brings all the benefits nootropics can give in a single combination we can rely on without trouble.

As I pointed out before, increasing cholinergic activity is one of the main goals of nootropics.
So we’ll start including B vitamins as co-factors and ALCAR ( read here for its role in the cholinergic scheme and here for some research on it).

Now we have to choose the main choline source!
I usually suggest Centrophenoxine because it has a lot of other benefits, but for the sole cholinergic purpose, CDP-Choline is more powerful.

Besides choline, we shall add a racetam or peptide.
Noopept is significantly more powerful than racetams, so it will be the standard choice in this stack. It’s going to make the learning process a lot easier.

What will I achieve with this stack?

This is a really powerful combination, here are the effects of one or more of these substances:

– Improve memory
– Increase creativity (Noopept)
– Mental clarity
– Improve learning ability
– More energy to study and work
– Increase focus
– Prevent headaches (B vitamins)
– Burn fat faster (ALCAR)
– Enhance sensory perceptions
– Get more social (Noopept)


So here is the complete stack:

– B-Complex (or a multivitamin that contains them)
– CDP-Choline
– Noopept

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And if you want the best in a single substance, go for Modafinil, but unlike it, the stack I’ve pointed out above is completely prescription free!

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Please share your experience with these nootropics with us in the comments section!




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