Centrophenoxine, Choline source and Detox

Centrophenoxine is a neuroenergetic that stimulates the metabolic activity of the nerve cells, it is an Ester containing DMAE (Choline source present in fish) as one of his two parts, but it acts in a different way than simple DMAE and it’s also absorbed more efficiently. Centrophenoxine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier unlike standard Choline and DMAE. Centrophenoxine is not only a nootropic, it also has anti-aging and detox properties, as it liberates the living tissues from accumulating yellow pigment granules called Lipofuscin. Lipofuscin is a metabolism by-product, a cellular junk that increases over time and reaches high concentration levels in elderly people, causing macular degeneration and being one of the symptoms of aging. Centrophenoxine has the ability to remove Lipofuscin from living cells and has been proven to prolong lifespan in rats by 20%, it’s one of the most powerful detox substances known and can reverse alcohol related damage to the brain. Nagy, the inventor of Centrophenoxine, takes a dose of 500 mg everyday since 1976 (see here) and he’s still in perfect health with optimal physical performance and brain activity.

Centrophenoxine effects

Centrophenoxine increases your energy levels throughout the day, you remain in the same state of mind as usual, but you get tired later. Late in the evening your brain will still be fresh as in the morning, it pushes farther the point of brain energies exhaustion after demanding mental tasks. This is probably due to the extra Acetilcholine available to the brain. Centrophenoxine suits very well the role of being a Racetam supporter to compensate for their increased Acetilcholine consumption, but it’s foremost a powerful supplement by itself. It feels refreshing and also have a big anti-aging and overall fitness advantage along with his potential to reverse brain damage.
Stack Centrophenoxine with Aniracetam to have a good productive day with a general relaxed feeling of wellbeing. This combination really increases my reading comprehension skills! Unfortunately it doesn’t work if you have been drinking the night before, it’s just a subtle boost you can feel only if you are in a general healthy state in the first place. But if you want something to help you get back on track and clean your brain from past abuse, Centrophenoxine could be a smart choice due to it’s double nature of nootropic and detox agent. Just beware that a constant use could cause a buildup of excessive acetilcholine resulting in a light depression effect. After two weeks of constant Centrophenoxine use I felt a sign of this side effect, a lack of willpower and a sense of under-accomplishment, this can be easily avoided by periodically cycling Centrophenoxine out of your stack. I noticed that this depression side effect occurs more often when taking it alone than when stacking it with a Racetam (Aniracetam, in my case) but anyway only after a long period of assumption.

Why choose Centrophenoxine?

It could be confusing to choose between so many different Choline sources, so we are going to divide them first in two groups:

  1. Standard Choline sources: DMAE, Choline Bitartrate, Lecithin.
  2. Enhanced Choline sources: Centrophenoxine, Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline.

The first group is made up of substances similar to dietary Choline, cheaper than the second but not offering significant benefits compared to an already balanced diet containing fish and eggs.
The second group is made up of sources that cross the Blood-Brain Barrier easily, so it’s the one we are looking at for brain enhancement purposes.
Dietary-like sources are enough to prevent headaches on Racetams, but the efficiency of Centrophenoxine, Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline make them good candidates also as stand-alone Nootropics.

Centrophenoxine has a health advantage over Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline for its Lipofuscin removal property, at roughly the same price and dosage of CDP, it provides cellular detox  along with Acetilcholine, so our choice would be Centrophenoxine as opposed to all the other sources. CDP-Choline is however a powerful precursor of Acetilcholine and you may want to try which form suits best your needs, different people could react better to one substance or the other, so personal experience is necessary to assess which one is the best for Acetilcholine production, but as an overall supplement, Centrophenoxine is certainly the wisest move. If you want to combine two different Acetilcholine sources, it’s better to lower the dose of each one to prevent an excessive level of the neurotransmitter that could cause the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

Centrophenoxine and B-vitamins

Before supplementing Choline, be sure to consume a lot of B-vitamins, as almost all the vitamins in the B group help in the field of Neurotransmitter synthesis, they are necessary to the production of Acetilcholine as much as the Choline source itself (Read here for more about the importance of B-vitamins for proper Brain function). The combination of Centrophenoxine with a B-Complex brings higher mood and motivation with a slightly stimulant effect (That’s why they put so much B vitamins into energy drinks! But it’s better to take them without all that awful extra sugar).

Centrophenoxine dosage

Centrophenoxine usually comes in 250 mg capsules. A couple of capsules at breakfast (500 mg) is usually the recommended dose. Doses of up to 2 grams ( 8×250 mg capsules) per day are considered safe. This kind of high dosage is mostly used for quick Lipofuscin removal, causing a visible improvement of skin appearance within weeks (Lipofuscin is the cause of brown spots on the skin of old people). If you want to keep assuming Centrophenoxine daily it’s better to stay at a lower dosage of 500 mg. A week hiatus sometimes is beneficial, and could also help to avoid downregulation.

Experimenting further

Once you’ve tried Centrophenoxine alone, go on with a Centro+Aniracetam stack to efficiently use all the extra Choline you have now! Aniracetam is a nootropic with also some anxiolytic features (to some degree similar to Theanine) that could also be useful to fight performance anxiety the few days before a final exam.

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER:  We make no warranty regarding the accuracy of any information provided.  This article is provided for informational purpose only. This is not medical advice.  Always ask  your doctor for any medical treatment.


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