Modafinil – A powerful Smart Drug



Sometimes when trying a new supplement, you keep asking yourself if it makes any difference.
Overanalyzing every second of your experience to decide if it is delivering the effects you paid for.
So you stay hours to discern placebo from actual effects.
This is not the case with Modafinil.

 Modafinil works

Modafinil gives a straight, indisputable boost to your performance.
You can feel it without any doubt.
Modafinil is the perfect stimulant. It squeezes all your energies right when you need them.
Do you need to study from morning to night without distractions? Modafinil keeps you on the books like glue.
Brain fog totally goes away!
Modafinil makes you bright, full of energies.
I felt ready to catch on logically complex issues with my maximum ability.
Reading on Modafinil is really faster, at least double faster than without it.
Less than an hour after taking a 200 mg tablet, you can notice the ability to focus on your task without any distraction and not needing to take breaks.
The first time I used it I stayed 10 hours straight on the books.
I was really surprised at the end of the day when I noticed that I had completed three times more pages than the previous one in the same amount of time.
The following night it was difficult to fall asleep, it took me two hours more than usual
The effect of modafinil on your alertness fades slowly and is still slightly active in the evening.
However, this side effect became less noticeable the following days and I successfully returned to my usual sleep routine.
To try and avoid that the most, be sure to take the dose early in the morning (I usually take it only at breakfast).
It will make the effect vanish earlier and letting you sleep effectively.
Modafinil feels like the nearest thing to Limitless’ NZT48.
Modafinil brings your brain potential at hand.
I don’t suggest to take it for a long time, it’s not that kind of nootropic.
Modafinil is a performance booster to use only in time of need.
Use it to achieve a specific goal and then stop it and have your hard-earned rest!
Taking it for long periods risks to drain your energies and mess with your sleeping cycle.
Although some people reports a sensation of decreased hunger, I had no problems eating the same quantity of food as usual.

Don’t waste any modafinil when you don’t have to work hard.

It’s not the right substance to use in a social situation.
You would more likely tend to avoid social interactions while on modafinil’s focus tunnel.
Some people advises to avoid coffee while on modafinil because of a possible increase in heart-related risks.
However I felt a good synergy between the two substances and kept drinking my usual, moderate, daily dose of coffee.
It’s a perfect caffeine substitute as it has a longer duration and a constant effect without swings.
Unlike caffeine, Modafinil doesn’t let your mind drift away to random thoughts, so it is a better supplement to stay focused on a single task.

Cognitive benefits of Modafinil:

Avoid alcohol and nicotine while on Modafinil to keep distant from adverse interactions.
Be aware that a good nutrition plan makes all the difference when using any kind of supplement.

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