Modafinil Frequently Asked Questions



Modafinil is a powerful stimulant take will keep you alert, will make you work harder and will give you unbreakable focus to study.

Do I have to take Modafinil every day?

No, Modafinil has an acute effect, it starts working shortly after ingestion and functions at best the first day you take the pill.
It’s better to take Modafinil only when needed because its efficacy can be reduced by tolerance if you take it too often. So if you took Modafinil for over a week, take a couple of days off.

Will Modafinil affect my sleep?

Getting asleep can be difficult if you take too much Modafinil or too late in the day. Take only a pill per day and take it early in the morning so that the effect will vanish before the night.

How long does Modafinil last?

Roughly 15 hours. If you take a pill of Modafinil in the morning, you will remain active the whole day with a peak in the early afternoon.

Are there any reason not to use it?

If you’re an athlete, Modafinil can be on the list of forbidden substances because it also gives a physical performance boost, so don’t use Modafinil if you compete in sports.
If you are a woman, remember that Modafinil can’t be used along with birth control pills and can disrupt their effectiveness, ask your doctor about it.
Don’t take Modafinil if you plan to drink a lot of alcohol and if you are assuming any other medication ask your doctor first because Modafinil can have some interaction with other drugs.

Does Modafinil cause anxiety?

Being Modafinil a powerful stimulant, somebody feels a little more tension than usual while on it. but it’s really not intense, it’s just like drinking too much coffee. Speaking for myself, I’ve had no problems with Modafinil so far.

Where can I buy modafinil?

I bought my Modafinil from several websites, the best one I’ve found up to date is the Modafinil Cat.
It’s fast and has a great support service.

Can I buy Modafinil in Europe?

If you order Modafinil from Europe without a prescription, you risk your package to be seized by customs, unless the package arrives from the UK. People from the USA, the UK and Australia usually have no problems. If you are based in the European Union you can ship it to Skypax in the UK and then reship to Europe.

What’s the difference between Modvigil, Modalert, Artvigil and Waklert?

These are all Modafinil brand names. Modvigil (HAB Pharma) and Modalert (Sun Pharma) are regular modafinil while Artvigil (HAB Pharma) and Waklert (Sun Pharma) are Armodafinil (read about Armodafinil here). I prefer Sun Pharma products, Modalert and Waklert, the latter should be the most powerful but some people prefer Modalert.

Does Modafinil improve working memory?

According to this study, yes. It’s also the opinion of a lot of other students just using it without prescription.

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