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NZT-48, Limitless pill

The 2011 movie featuring Bradley Cooper, Limitless, has been influenced a lot from the emerging world of cognitive enhancers.
The movie revolves around a fictitious drug called NZT-48, that’s basically an exaggerated version of modern nootropics (another name for cognitive enhancers).
The drug has similar effects to the substances we talk about in this website, but a lot more intense and unrealistic (it’s science fiction after all).
First of all, we shall avoid some misconceptions.
Humans already use 100% of their brains, each part in a different moment, the movie claims we only use 10% of our brains.
It’s completely false.
The mechanism of action of nootropics and stimulants has nothing to do with increasing in size the portion of the brain that’s been activated.
Nootropics work by modulating the activity of neurotransmitters and neurotrophins (brain growth factors) and in some cases (like Modafinil) by hacking the sleep/alertness system (that’s true for caffeine, too).
The link between intelligence and the percentage of active brain is totally fictional (and it’s a returning lie, repeated in the movie “Lucy” also).
The movie starts showing the life of a guy that can’t get anything done and suffers from writer’s block.
He also shows signs of depression and attention deficit.
He then takes this NZT-48 pill and becomes a clever Wall Street shark with endless focus, supreme intelligence and perfect memory.
The three main effects on his cognition are: boosted creativity, faster learning and enhanced memory recall.
These effects can actually be achieved by nootropics in a lesser degree.

“I was blind, but now I see”

Eddie Morra

Memory Recall & Faster Learning

For this one aspect of NZT, I suggest to try Noopept, it really has a noticeable effect on memory retention.
After a month on Noopept you will feel like a year has passed by, because of the increased density of the memories you built in the meantime.
It’s like returning to childhood, when the time flowed slower.
Growing up, years go by faster, you retain less of what you experience and have the sensation that times gets out of your hands.
Noopept also eases learning, probably as a conseguence of the same principle that changes your perception of time while on it.

Creativity & Writer’s Block

Noopept increases neuroplasticity, it makes your brain able to change its structure really fast.
That’s faster adaptation to new tasks.
That’s overcoming helplessness.
That’s building connections, and it’s the core of not only the faculties of learning and remembering, but also the root of creativeness.
Interlinking ideas creates new concepts.
Changing the connections inside your brain bring new ways of thought to your consciousness.
I tried a lot of nootropics that claim to be effective in this field, but no racetam is powerful enough to compete with noopept.

It’s not over though.
To achieve a state of mind similar (as much as it’s possible in the real world) to that of NZT-48, we need a powerful focus on the task we are facing.
Noopept is powerful, but can be distracting, we must combine it to the king of the stimulants: Modafinil.

Godlike Attention

Bradley Cooper, in the movie, is able to write a book in four days.
NZT gives to him a limitless span of attention, he can focus for hours without distraction on everything he wants to do.
This is one of the fields in which modern cognitive enhancers are more successful.
Modafinil and Armodafinil are stimulants (unrelated to amphetamine and a lot safer) that can immensely increase your attention ability.
They are buyable online from a lot of countries.
Modafinil and Armodafinil are the same substance, but one is a racemic version and the other one is chiral (check this article for more info about it).
It’s the best way to just get things done.
Modafinil keeps a brain alert all the day, no sleepiness, ever, no distraction, no averting to random thoughts.
Just a single goal and a tunnel vision straight toward it is what you experience with a modafinil pill.
This thing is not NZT, but it would be enough to set off a new scientific revolution if widespread (European scientific revolution is concomitant to the diffusion of coffee in the continent, is that a coincidence?).
Just beware that modafinil makes you think like a machine, a computer, working relentlessly with a pre-determined goal.
It is not a creativeness aid.
That’s the reason why stacking Modafinil with Noopept makes such a perfect combination.
I think it’s the best combo available today.
It’s a hardcore combination, it can radically change your way of thinking.
Modafinil + Noopept. Try it and let me know how it feels. Limitless. Thank me later.

Where to buy Noopept?

Where to buy Modafinil? (I recommend Modalert, it’s of superior quality.)



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