5 Nootropic Stacks for Engineering a Better You

Nootropics have been reported to offer a wide variety of benefits, ranging from enhanced cognition to reduced anxiety. Although each of these supplements can be useful on their own, it is most common for people to stack two or more components together in order to achieve better results. The type of stack that you select should be based on the desired effects. For example, if you want to minimize your feelings of anxiety, it makes the most sense to choose a stack that features multiple nootropics that have been clinically found to offer this benefit. nootropics engineering better


To help you engineer the best version of yourself possible, we have compiled a list of five nootropic stacks that can fulfill a variety of needs. Keep in mind that the exact dosage of each supplement may vary based on your personal body chemistry and lifestyle.

  1. The Study Stack – Do you have issues concentrating while studying or working? If so, this particular nootropic stack might be able to help. Simply stack Alpha GPC with Pramiracetam to improve your memory recall and overall cognitive performance. Medical researchers have proven that Pramiracetam can help brain injury patients with their cognitive problems, including memory recall. Alpha GPC has also been found to be beneficial at improving the memory capacity and cognitive mechanisms of test subjects. When you combine these two supplements together, you are likely to receive a better result than taking either nootropic by itself.
  2. The Beginner Stack – If you are new to nootropics and want to experience a cognitive boost, you can stack caffeine and L-Theanine together. User reviews indicate that this is a solid way to improve general cognitive functionality and energy levels. Science also backs these claims. A recently published study indicates that caffeine improves cognitive functionality, even when the user is sleep deprived. Meanwhile, the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine has been found to increase alertness and cognitive performance. As an added bonus, many users have reported that L-Theanine minimizes the negative side effects that can be associated with caffeine.
  3. The Anxiety Reducing Stack – Anxiety is a difficult thing to live with, so it is no wonder that people flock to the nootropics that have the potential to offer them a reprieve from some of their symptoms. At the same time, you may still want to receive a cognitive boost. In this scenario, it could be beneficial to stack Aniracetam with Bacopa. Studies showcase Bacopa’s ability to offer some mood improvements, and it may also improve your cognitive functionality. Aniracetam has been clinically linked to a notable reduction in social anxiety, and it has been shown to reverse memory and learning deficits.
  4. The Brain Boosting Stack – As previously mentioned, nootropics can offer a variety of cognitive benefits, but no two supplements are exactly alike. In other words, every member of the racetam family is believed to offer brain boosting qualities, but each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of them, many people stack Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Piracetam together. A clinical trial from 2012 highlighted Aniracetam’s ability to provide a mood boost and assistance with cognitive deficits. Oxiracetam is believed to offer neural protective benefits, and it may also increase an individual’s memory, space cognition and learning. Additionally, Piracetam has been found to improve disrupted memory.
  5. The Memory Stack – According to studies and user reviews, Noopept is one of the best options for a memory boost. Read more about Noopept here.
    Many users stack Noopept with Citicoline. Noopept studies indicate that it is a strong enough nootropic to provide a neuroprotective effect and memory improvements. Citicoline has also been linked to enhanced cognitive performance and a greater attention span.

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As you can see, stacks make sense because they enable you to take advantage of the best aspect of each supplement. In some cases, they even have a synergistic quality, which means that the properties of each nootropic will be enhanced. With this in mind, it is a good idea to pick the stack that enables you to improve your daily quality of life.

Medical Disclaimer: We make no warranty regarding the accuracy of any information provided. This article is provided for informational purpose only. This is not medical advice. Always ask your doctor for any medical treatment.