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Today we are going to try a completely prescription-free nootropic stack based on a modern powerful substance: Pramiracetam. Pramiracetam costs more than its cousin Piracetam, but it is a lot more powerful. It makes a good combination with Noopept too, but in this article we are going to focus on Pramiracetam only and build a stack that gets the best out of it.

We will add Alpha-GPC to it to create a Nootropic Stack, a choline source is absolutely needed in combination with Pramiracetam due to its high consumption of Acetylcholine. Alpha-GPC has proven itself to be the best complement to Pramiracetam and their combined effect is really noticeable and works very quickly, half an hour after the first consumption of these two I was already feeling the effects. Pramiracetam leaves the body in a rather short time, so I suggest to take it twice a day, while it is ok to take Alpha-GPC only once a day. This stack is perfect to study subjects that require an high level of advanced logical reasoning such as engineering, mathematical sciences and philosophy, as well as for activities like writing or programming.

top performance nootropic stack


Pramiracetam is a modern Piracetam derivative, 20 times stronger than its predecessor. It has an extremely powerful effect compared to any other racetam, it has been discovered more recently than others and is harder to produce, which is why it costs more. But its potency is so high that it actually provides more value for his price than its weaker relatives.

Pramiracetam increases the intensity of sensory perception, making hard logical thinking easier and is proven to improve the brain mechanism for storage of memory, along with providing a positive effect to overall cognition. Just 15 minutes after taking Pramiracetam it kicks in with a powerful cognitive boost, providing a strong sense of mental clarity. It has a half-life of 5 hours, so it’s better to take it twice a day. It doesn’t have any negative effect on mood, as a matter of fact some users even describe it as improving their social skills, while others feel the need to isolate on their task. It’s an amazing anti-procrastination substance and it makes your attention span longer. Pramiracetam keeps you going when you usually get tired, you won’t believe it the first time you try.

The effects of Pramiracetam are caused by an increase of the blood flow in the brain, a boost in hippocampus activity, increased oxygen absorption and enhanced glucose (aka sugar) metabolism. It provides these changes by increasing the acetylcholine uptake, working by potentiating already present neurotransmission, and making cholinergic neurons fire more efficiently. Because of this mechanism  it consumes a lot of acetylcholine, which is a compound within your nervous system and why you need to replenish it. The best way to replenish acetylcholine consumed by Pramiracetam is taking Alpha-GPC. If you take Pramiracetam without Alpha-GPC, you can experience headache and fatigue, symptoms of a lack of acetylcholine.


Alpha-GPC is a natural precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for the neuronal activity of learning and memory processes. Alpha-GPC is one of the purest choline sources, it gets converted to acetylcholine very quickly. It is safe and has no side effects. It is necessary to supplement choline with any racetam but it has a beneficial effect even by itself because most of the population has a choline deficiency, and in the case of vegetarians they almost lack it completely.

Besides this nootropic effect it increases the release of human growth hormone, which has a positive effect on the reconstruction of damaged tissues. Alpha-GPC is also used by the brain to repair neuronal membranes, it totally clears brain fog and increases motivation, improves memory, learning, motor skills and sensory perception. The mechanism of motor neurons is based on acetylcholine and a higher availability of it reduces the reaction time of muscle contraction. Lab tests on rats have shown that it has the potential to reverse learning disabilities and prevent the reduction of cognitive skills. Alpha-GPC is perfectly stacked with Pramiracetam, their functions are complementary.

Where to safely buy pure nootropics?

You can buy high quality Pramiracetam here.

You can buy high quality Alpha-GPC here.

Why this combination?

Both these two substances easily cross the blood-brain barrier so they are effective and they provide their benefits quickly. If you need powerful focus with prescription-free drugs, this may be the combination you are looking for. It’s the best food for your brain.

Link to further reading: This double blind study into the effects of Pramiracetam on memory saw clinically significant improvements over an 18 month period. These improvements continued during a 1 month follow-up period AFTER Pramiracetam use was discontinued.


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